27 April 2012

Day 15 - Gairloch to Slaggan Bay

Phew, glad that one's over. Got to say a big thumbs-up to Kokatat and Phoenix Spraydecks for keeping my arse dry through all that stuff (feel free to use that as a catchy marketing slogan if you like).

This morning I could see fresh snow on the hills as I packed and reluctantly left the sanctuary that was Carn Dearg youth hostel. The forecast wasn't brilliant but worth a short day I thought.
Stupid boy. A stressful day on the water that will rank up there with a few other not-forgotten-in-a-hurry days of poor decision making.
But now I'm sat in another idyllic spot, on a beautiful beach in the sunshine wishing I had someone to share it with. But then again they would probably not be talking to me after that one. Still, life goes on.

Hello to Philip, glad you are enjoying the blog. It's all a great big hoax really, I've actually been living in the garage for the last two weeks!

So, how are the others getting on? Michal & Natalie (HomeSeaHome) were approaching the I.O.W. when I set out. And what about Martin Lee (Around the Isle for Rheumatoid)? He had just passed the I.O.W. Has he made it safely around Land's End yet? I've not seen a full weather forecast since I left, but listening to the Shipping Forecast I get the feeling the South has had a good share of anti-paddling weather. I'm also keen to hear of the Mid-life Kayak boys, I seem to remember they are due to set out about now.
I'd be interested to learn how everyone is getting on.

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Summit to Sea said...

Mid-Life Kayak, have posptponed their departure.

Michal & Natalie are in the middle of Bigbury bay according to their Spot tracker.

Martin landed on Lundy earlier this evening.


Barry Shaw said...

I set off the other day and I've almost caught you up. Ok only joking.

Anonymous said...

Hi John,

As Pete said, we decided to postpone a couple of days due to gales in the Falmouth area. Currently lying in bed listening to the wind and rain and congratulating myself! Good news is that Simon Osborne will hopefully now join us for the first day around the Lizard. Sounds like you're doing amazingly well. Good luck!

Mike (Midlifekayak)

Barbara Hackworthy said...

Natalie and Michal made it round Portland Bill on Mon 16th April and crashed onto Burton Bradstock beach. There they stayed with us (Rockpool paddlers) - held by weather and torn neck seal until Friday 20th. They are now at Portscatho - once again held by weather but being entertained by the midlifekayak team as they all wait to go again on 1st May when this gale blows away.

Martin crossed from Lundy to Tenby yesterday.

Hope to see you when you John are west of Portland Bill.

Barbara and Ian