16 April 2012

Day 4 - Frogger - Larne(ish)

The end of day 4 and it was the first day I got to eat any chocolate; still no pie, chips or cake though.
Nobody told me it would be like this.

Set off this morning from Cloughy waved off by Jetski Barry and his daughter. Only a slight breeze and blue skies. Weathergirl had warned me things would deteriorate later, so I'd added an extra thermal and was soon a touch warm.
Passing Donaghadee the wind was picking up and the first hint of a warm front was building above me.
A nervous moment as I had to make a prolonged ferry as the size of the contrary flow surprised me at the Copelands. Another nervous moment (or three) as I crossed the entrance to Belfast Lough; remember that computer game with the frog trying to cross the road without getting squashed? I was in frog empathy mode for a while.
The wind was all from behind, building to a 5. I tucked into a gully on the Isle of Muck to change maps and then the final leg to land N of Larne (and a 3 mile walk to find food). A little sore here and there but not a bad day.
The forecast for tomorrow doesn't look too good bearing in mind another crossing, this time to the Mull of Kintyre. The plan for the whole trip is to step things back a level on what would normally be feasible. If it would be close to the limits normally then now, with a full boat and a long trip ahead it is probably too much.
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Dad and Margaret said...

HI, We had better not tell Grandma what you are up to she is panicking about us going on a cruise in December. Hope the weather is kind to you, we will be following your progress.

Mike Mayberry said...

Crikey John, great start! I suspected you were up to something when we met a few weeks ago. At the rate your going you'll be passing us as we circumnavigate Wales, a small undertaking compared to yours.

All the best,

Mike Mayberry

Geoff said...

Hi John,

I only just became aware of your paddle. All the best with it, I am sure you will succeed! I already see that the plan is very much for a safe, risk free trip. Make sure that principal doesn't slip. I'll be keeping an eye on your progress.

Geoff Murray

Steve said...

Hi John ,
Barry told me yesterday that you were on your way around the UK.
Will be following your progress and thinking of you...all the best.
Steve Porter (Bardsey)