12 April 2012

Hanging Around

The North Atlantic Pressure Chart looks like a game of pinball with low pressure systems bouncing around all over. Yesterday I decided that an Anti-Clockwise attempt may be a better option with the weather as it is (predominately Northerly winds), but I wasn't convinced. So I made a few calls to get people's thoughts (Marcus, Geoff, Barry and Micky C) on the idea. By the end of the day I was happy that I could rejig the plan and head off CCW, it would be interesting to see how that pans out too as I believe it has not been done before.
But then looking at the forecast again late last evening there is a good chance of gales over the weekend, I may as well spend a few more nights in a soft bed than expose my nice Vango tent to possible F9-10 gales I figured.
So once again things are on hold. The frustration of the waiting game again 'til the outlook improves.
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Barry Shaw said...

Hang in there John you will soon be off. And make sure you let us know when you're leaving.