29 April 2012

Right hand down a bit

Yesterday Puffins were the order of the day as they appeared regularly along the route. Today the Fulmars stole the show, hands down. Yesterday a few had shown themselves but today the word had got around and they were out in force as they accompanied me for most of the day. At Cape Wrath they came out in even greater numbers, a veritable flying circus as they wheeled and arced around me, seemingly seeing how close they could get. Every now and then one push it too far and suddenly have to turn away - lesson learnt.
The Puffins were out in force too, but looked rather lacklustre by comparison. A Skua also made an appearance later in the day to see what all the fuss was about, but soon became disinterested and left the party.
The Wind Gods looked more favourably on me today (though they still had the last laugh), though the Swell Gods were still in a mischievous mood.
I stayed a long way offshore to try to find a little calmer conditions and things worked quite well out there. Yesterday's snow showers had left a new dusting on the tops but the sun was making quick work of it.
Cape Wrath was a little lively in places (hence the name I suppose) and I was a little relieved to finally head east.
The cliffs were impressive but I was finally glad to gain a little respite as I headed into the shelter of the bay at Durness. The swell still made for a bit of a surf landing though as I dodged amongst the pinball table of obstacles that is Durness Beach.
And so Durness Post Office tomorrow to collect another parcel.
The last laugh? Oh yeah, an hour after rounding the Cape - after 2 weeks of Northerly winds - the VHF forecast came over the radio - wind variable becoming F4/5 East/North East.
Yeah, whatever...
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Roger Chandler - www.coastalspirit.com said...

It would seem that you are in the better place ...Anglesey f7/8 NE on Sunday settling down to a variable f4-6, before back up to f7/8 on Tuesday!
Make the most of the super camps ... on the South coast Natalie & Michael just got a "not allowed to camp here" notice, posted on their tent, from Torquay County Council! Enjoying following you blog and the honesty with it ... Roger

Anglesey Stick said...

I remember a climbing and kayaking trip to Devon some years ago and coming away with the impression that nothing was allowed within the county. There was even a sign on one beach saying that stone throwing was prohibited. Thankfully it showed the scars of several attacks - rather more after we had left.

Steve said...

Congratulations on going'round the bend !
I'm glad you're not getting our weather at the moment...trees down all over the place..
That wind is unbelieavable ! I hope it leaves you alone sometime soon !