06 May 2012

Buckie to St Combs

The forecast was for a NW wind 4-5. As this stretch of coastline is pretty rocky I wanted to take a look first, but as we arrived at Portessie things didn't look too bad - though it was piggin cold again!
A quick sprint out through the surf and away. The coastline was quite scenic but there was still a swell running from the north so I headed further out to find smoother conditions.
The sun was out and the wind behind me, probably a top end 3, good conditions for the Taran. The miles dropped away quickly as I watched the rocky coastline and sandy beaches slip by.
2-3 miles from Troup Head things started to get bouncy and confused, it seemed to go on forever, by the time I got there I was shattered. But then I noticed the Gannets, an impressive sight as they soared along the cliffs. They also noticed me and soon as I sat there open mouthed I was circled by thousands of them (I seem to recall that Troup Head is the only mainland colony of the bird).
A few more miles to Rosehearty, a little disappointed not to try a pie from the butcher's there but time to strike onwards to Fraserburgh.
I found myself flogging against the tide for a while and then a slightly nervous crossing of the harbour entrance to the sound of rumbling marine diesels.
After dodging a couple of breakers I stopped to take a look at the wreck at Cairnbulg which it appeared had come to an unfortunate end on the reef.
Not far to go now, a little nervous as I sneaked through more breakers on the reefs just off St Combs - all rounded off with a picnic in the sunshine on the beach, chatting to locals eating their fish and chips. A good mileage in good weather, not a bad day. Heading S again now, of course tomorrow the wind is forecast to go SE - yeah, yeah.


Anonymous said...

There's also a mainland Gannet colony at Flamborough Head in Yorkshire...I should imagine you'll be there pretty soon!

Mark R

JM said...

Looks like you are making good progress John. JM

Steve said...

Hope you don't find the next stretch of beach too monotonous! You're doing well..