12 May 2012

I want my mummy!

Thorntonloch to Berwick upon Tweed.
Felt like I earned my money today.
I gathered it may not be ideal out there when I saw all the surfers (boardies) hurrying down the beach with gleeful smiles on their faces. Looking across the campsite, I could see the tops of the breaking waves over the caravan roofs - not a good sign. Decided to bin the early shift and see if things would settle a little for a go on the late shift.
A serious, future deciding sprint out through the surf on the reef at T'loch. (Grateful for the winter work with Aled!)
Chunky swell meant a 20 mile route with no opportunity for a get out; rudder cable snapped at the 10 mile mark (first time in 2 1/2 years of Taran paddling - had to be today!) Of course quickly followed by a sudden cross wind and then the most nerve wracking surf landing yet - some serious 'So how are we going to get out of this one then Fatboy' thinking at the end of the day.
All a touch stressful; but rounded off with a cracking campstove meal by the beach, before a touch of headtorch rudder repairs!
It ain't fun anymore.

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Anonymous said...

Hope you had a better day today!


barry shaw said...

John can you stop leaving your smalls hanging on the railings?
I hope you manage to sort the rudder cable.

Aled said...

"It ain't fun anymore."

You can't say that - you're on holiday!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on completing Scotland!

Mark R

Anonymous said...

Oh come on John, you have completed Cape Wrath, this is only the east coast :-D, northly swells are our nemesis. Hope you got the rudder sorted, good mate Neil Turnbull went out to see if he could assist but you were already well on your way, will email you with possible camp spots in Yorkshire but beds available for you from Whitby to Spurn if you want them, you have my number, anything we can do or assist with, we are here....