28 May 2012

Menai Challenge

Do it Marcus, I was thinking things had gone a little quiet on the Menai Challenge front recently.
Mission Control will post your times etc.
But no cheating now!
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Nigel H said...

Hi John,

Are you likely to cut over the Thames Entrance and head straight for Margate?

Nigel H said...

Welldone John,

What do you think of all those wind farms and the monstrous Turner art gallery on Margate harbourside?
Tuesday when you near Dover Harbour entrance call the CC on 16 and tell them you are going to cross the east side. They will tell you something like "when you see a gap between ships just go for it"

When you pass Broadstairs Harbour have a look at the big house on the North side, It's Bleak House, Charles Dickens place.

good weather Tuesday

Anonymous said...

No, no, no, alone is not fun. Big daddy must be back first.