20 May 2012

More stress

The day started with the crow of the camp cockerel; don't worry my feathered sandwich filler friend, one day your time will come. And then over to the Naze to check the conditions; better than yesterday but still a bit lumpy. Looking out from the top it made me realise how big it actually had been yesterday.
After breakfast in the cafe and a photo of the prettiest campsite team yet (well, two of them anyway) I headed down to the water and off.
The lifeboat was just heading in as I headed out and once out of the shelter of the bay the swell showed itself again but only a 2-4 ft.
Nearing Flamborough the gormless Gannets came out to play, such a contrast to the Razor Bills. If I come back as a bird I really hope it's as one with big wings.
The swell was getting bigger and the wind was getting stronger too so Flamborough was quite lumpy - with hindsight it was obvious that the decision to sit out yesterday was the right one.
Once around the corner the swell faded and then it was just a downwind paddle to wherever I was going, with the wind forecast to ease later in the afternoon.
It didn't though.
I thought things were picking up because of the increasing fetch but eventually I realised the wind had picked up. By the time I was closing on Altwick I'd had 4ft following seas for a good while and was getting bullied by handfuls of 5-6ft as they barged through. It was all quite physical, wet and cold. I gave Altwick a miss and decided on the campsite at Tunstall.
The collapsing mud cliffs were intimidating and quite a sad sight in places as you could make out buildings close to the edge, obviously with little time to go.
At Tunstall the scruffy (and only) beach was populated by a group of people who seemed to be hurling drums, stones and anything else they could find at each other - rather strange. I decided to give Tunstall a miss.
So last option was Withernsea and unfortunately a high water arrival. Wherever you looked there was just a big, nasty, mud coloured dumping surf strung across rows of groynes. Not good.
Eventually something had to be done and I sneaked in very close on the downwind side of a groyne hoping there were no stray boards or blocks. Very tense.
When I hit the beach I was out of the boat like a scalded cat to get away from the nastiness behind me, there was still work to do though. An adventuruous route through the edge of the surf to the double flight of 50 steps. Eventually I got it all to the top and headed off to the campsite which was closed and derelict.
But the security man at the Withernsea Sands Holiday Park took pity and so that's where I am.
Unfortunately the washing machine in the launderette took the last of my money, made my clothes wet and then didn't do any washing - so still smelly, very wet and now I've no jim-jams. It'll be a chilly wills night!
What a day.
Similar weather tomorrow apparently.

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