29 May 2012


Down to the beach once again, though initially I was thwarted by a cycle barrier but a kindly (and strong) gent helped me lift the boat over. What took seconds for the two of us would have cost 20mins on my own. Dave came over for a chat on the beach, another brief chat that lifts the start of the day.
Offshore was a wooden mast sailing ship, seemingly part of the chain of a wide variety of craft heading up the Thames to take part in Betty's do this weekend.
It was grey and the breeze soon became surprisingly chilly as I headed down the coast, my first paddle past the chalk cliffs.
The timescale and number of creatures to make such edifices is beyond comprehension. In this age of human derived doom and gloom it should remind us that we are as memorable to this planet as a quick fart is to someone who has lived long enough to get the Queen's telegram.
The cliffs continued onwards to Dover (they could do with a new coat of paint here and there though) and then a nervous but straightforward crossing of the harbour entrances.
The tide was still running well so I decided on Dungeness as a goal; but just as I did a message arrived from Mission Control to confirm a B+B booking in Dymchurch. And so I found myself sitting a few miles offshore speaking to a disappointed B+B lady - unusual.
Conditions started to get lumpy now, I even had a visit from the range safety boat to check I was ok. But eventually I closed on Lydd on Sea to a steep gravel beach.
Eventually I followed the crowds to The Pilot PH for some (too bloatingly much) excellent food, surrounded by the unusual gravel scenery.
A long day but a pleasing number of miles ticked off.

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Anonymous said...

Hi John
Thought you was mad watching you paddle on Halton in flood now you have confirmed you are doing this. Good luck interesting read.

Mick Huddlestan