31 May 2012


Safe and off the water in Lancing. I think I earned my money again today.

The wind
Passing the marina at Brighton - nasty
Receiving a £150 phone bill - nasty
Finding that cag no.1 is nearly worn through - bad news
Sitting on my arse in the dumping surf 2k short of the B+B - mildly funny in a pain in the arse sort of way

Meeting Oliver and Chris on the beach at Rottingdean. It was very pleasant to meet you both, sorry you got wet for nothing Chris. Chase your dreams boys!

And to the Met Office: well Boys and Girls, I've got to say there seemed to be a fair amount of poetic license in today's forecast. Cheers.


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Chris Baker said...

A inspiration to both me and oliver.. it just helps know that it is never to late to do something you love