02 May 2012

Thurso - Staxigoe

The map may not be updated for a few days as the Team Manager/Mission Control is driving up to keep an eye on me apparently. So I suppose that's the end of the comfy lodgings in Tobermory with the daily distillery tour. Better get the boat on a quick bus to Wick tomorrow and look as if I've been busy! (Hopefully she's bringing a new Ortlieb map case - courtesy of Summit to Sea - as my previous prized case was not as strong as the Gerber scissors that I cut the corner off with - long story!)

Met Sam today from Pentland canoe club (sorry Sam but couldn't remember the full title) who very generously and patiently helped me down to the beach with all the gear. Sad to leave Thurso behind, but there's a job to be getting on with. Cloudy, cold and calm first thing, that'll do - but then the sun and the wind made an appearance. Just a steady F3 for first couple of hours, pleasant paddling. But then a couple of miles short of Stroma I could see the wind coming towards me and back to the old routine F4/5 into the Inner Sound. The Sound was better behaved than expected though and soon the wind eased a little as I passed John O'Groats (and it doesn't take that much to pass J o' G).
Things were quite bouncy in the overfalls before Duncansby Head but then around ther corner was a different world.
It felt rather strange to leave the North Coast behind but the boat was running smoothly now and with a bit of tide too. The wind had dropped to a gentle F3 at most, though it moved to a SE as well - it really did!
The miles fell away well now and just as I was listening to the weather and debating my options (all 2 of them!) I spied the tiny harbour of Staxigoe.
What a brilliant place, full of history. I spent a long time chatting with one of the last 2 fishermen here (once was 50 boats) and learnt a lot about the place. What a lucky find.
The weather tomorrow means should get a few more decent miles but it looks like the Moray Firth crossing on Friday may not happen with the weather - disappointing, but we'll see.
Anyway got to go, got to look windswept and weathered ready for when the Boss arrives.
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Steve said...

Glad to see you're safely around another big corner...hope the Southerly heading is less frought with head-winds .