15 June 2012

The Compass

Apparently Mike at Rockpool has been asked about the compass that I fitted to the Taran, so here are a few details:
It is a Suunto Orca and I obtained it from Chandlery World (my brother works there!)
This one came with the usual clip on bungees and a plastic bracket. I fitted the bracket to a standard Kayaksport hatch cover. The bungees work fine but the bracket is just a tidier option really. Unfortunately I'm not sure if the Orca still comes with the bracket as standard.
I have used this compass for a few years now on various crossing and records etc. and I have had no problems. The only thing I modified was to remove the rubber moulded lubber mark as it obscured the compass card a bit, but this was a only 10 second job with a sharp blade.
I prefer a removable compass; I have a fixed 70P on another boat and it is very scratched now, it doesn't jave any advantages over the Orca that I can see. The Silva clip on I tried was difficult to read and was only marked with 10 degree graduations.
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