22 June 2012

In Straits now.
Crikey, deserve Blue Peter badge for that one.
Still rather take chances with Caernarfon Bar than a bar in Caernarfon.

Paddle on Fatboy.

Timings not possible.

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Summit to Sea said...

Are we going to see a Menai Challenge time as well? It'll be good trainging for the Conwy Ascent tomorrow.

Jim said...

Go John go!
Looking at the forecast last night I was worrying about a sting in the tail!
I guess you will have been able to see Holy Island when you arrived last night (or not because it was raining), that must have added some motivation!

We will understand if you only record a short course time through the straight..... :)

How is Marcus holding up with the inevitable clearly in sight?

We are all on tenterhooks not able to see the conditions or know if you will make it tonight or tomorrow or still get pinned down by a storm adding tension in the final miles....

Better get your thoughts together for the press!