21 June 2012

Long Day

Ynyslas (nr Borth) to Trefor (N Lleyn)
53.49 nm
Tired now but good day, rain and wind though.
Weather looks poor so have come as far N as poss to possibly sneak up Straits and go the long way around - not ideal but an option.

Will try to post onto blog if have any idea of finish time, don't even know which day yet - but would like to go to Conwy Ascent!

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Bob Perry said...

Will you put a bit more effort in and hurry up and finish this thing. I've got a class of Y10 Kiwi kids following you and we only have one more week before the school holidays.

Anonymous said...

Be great to see you at the Conwy Ascent John - fingers crossed for you!
Helen Marriott

Justine Curgenven said...

great effort! It must be motivating to be on 'home turf'. You could always fly up the Straits, miss out the outlying island of Anglesey & have an easy finish!? If you go the long way round & the wind prevents you from finishing on Friday then Barry and I are threatening to come and seek you out on Saturday - if thats' OK!? I'm not sure if Barry wants to congratulate you or puncture your Taran a few hundred yards from the finish line!?

Good luck for the last push.