10 June 2012

Pay and Display

Very short of time this eve, so here goes:
Thankyou to Rosalind + David Denby for the friendly welcome at their lovely Wembury B+B when we turned up so late in the day. So nice to chat with interesting and 'real' people rather then the Corporate 'Have a nice day!' androids of the motel chain.
Unfortunately the Boss returns N tomorrow so I'll be back to Hotel Vango then.

Thanks also to the kind gent at the National Trust car park who let us launch without having to pay the full day fee. (Later in the day I would see a Pay and Display 'car park' with only 3 spaces - it would have had 4 if they had got rid of the machine.)

The beach at Wembury was covered in a waist deep morass of shredded kelp from the previous bad weather, the giggles from the beach were barely suppressed as I tried my best (and clumsily) to avoid a comedy launch.
Gentle tail wind and rain to start, a gentle headwind and rain to finish. 2-4ft swell throughout.
Warship, Rigid Raiders and Merlin helicopter exercise along the way - my those big grey boats can take you by surprise can't they?
Small surf to land just N of Dodman Pt on a pleasant beach with a grumpy lady who'd rather we didn't pollute her beach with our footprints.
Terrible food in Mevagissey.
A long, tiring and rather damp day with an early start for birthday boy tomorrow.
Sleep well.

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Anna said...

Hope you have a great birthday paddle with lots of cake tomorrow John!


Jim W said...

You finally got some pink on the boat for your birthday then?
Have a good one - almost at your southernmost point!

Bob Perry said...

Can't think of a better way to celebrate the big five zero. Have a good one old man.

Peter said...

Hallo John
Alles Gute zum Geburtstag und gutes Paddeln nach Hause.

Bon anniversaire et bonne chance.
Peter und Maryse

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday John, hope you have a pleasant day. Really going to miss your daily updates once you finish this adventure, your your brilliantly interesting daily blogs have become a part of my (and a lot of others) daily ritual.

Keep safe,


Dad and Margaret said...

"Happy Birthday" have a good one, Love from Dad and Margaret XXBAS

Dad and Margaret said...

I think the letters after the XX's was a typo, I don't know where that came from :)

barry shaw said...

45? Yeah sure!

Geoff said...

50?? Just a spring chicken :-)Have a good birthday John.