27 June 2012

Some Stats

I hope to fill in a few gaps over the next few days with more details but in the meantime here are a few totals to keep you going:

Total mileage 1773 nm (2043 miles - 3284 km)
Total days - 72

Total paddle strokes - 875,700 (approx(!) - counting one side)

All figures are 72 day averages and make no allowance for non-paddling days.

Shortest paddling day (time):
Day 22
Brora - Tarbett Ness (Moray Firth)
10.03 nm (11.5 miles - 18.6 km)
01:53 hrs
Avg Speed 5.33 kts

Highest daily average speed:
5.33 kts - Day 22

Lowest daily average speed:
3.07 kts - Day 2


Anonymous said...

The stats are fascinating, well done John.

Nigel H said...

Excellent stuff John.

The three greatest inventions ever are the Bed, Dinner plate and the toilet.bet you're glad to see yours again!