13 June 2012

Touching Cloth

I tried to sneak out of St Ives early, but the heavy rain showers slowed things. Dodging the early morning swimmers, I waved to the Coastwatch man and headed north(ish).
A 2-4ft swell and a gentle breeze, quite pleasant - even with the rain showers. Unfortunately the forecast hinted at lost days ahead; so today was to be a day of chasing headlands through the haze.
A Navy AEW Sea King was noisily running circuits up to St Agnes Head, but otherwise things were uneventful. It was good to see the birds back though, along the S coast there was a definite lack of animal life. But now with every mile N the numbers increase. Manx Shearwater circle regularly and my friends the Fulmars have returned.
I was tiring as I rounded Trevose Head and suddenly the swell grew quite large, but after a bit of a slog I made a landing at Polzeath. I was quite nervous as I tried not to make a Taran/Boardie/Body Board sandwich sneaking in.
I rolled into the very friendly Valley Caravan Park. And I picked the right one there, I've eaten my fill (and more!) in the bar and spent a very pleasant time chatting to Martin the owner. His father opened the site back in 1945 and the younger generations run the site still. It was interesting to hear the history and learn of the place. Fantastic people.
I've not had to buy a drink yet either - this is one place I will definitely return too!

Once again the paddling was good, but the people were better.
If only the weather was as pleasant.

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Geoff said...

Hi John, I think when you finish, you should just keep on going right on by and do it again. I read your posts every day and they are always a good way to start the day. It'll be a shame when they stop......

Anonymous said...

Bit of an anniversary today isn't John? Two months ago you set off on this epic journey, loving reading every bit of your accounts.

Hope the weather doesn't hold you up too much, paddle safe