01 June 2012

Unremarkable Day - Remarkable Service - Standard Horizon

Paddling wise today was reasonably unremarkable, but then it's not a bad thing to have a little unremarkable in your life now and then.
Out from Lancing in the sunshine after a pleasant breakfast at the Belle Notte B+B.
A nice calm day with a gentle breeze for a headwind. The gravel beaches slipped steadily by as I headed for Selsey Bill, a name well known, but what would it look like?
After the long day yesterday I was late starting and I new that the tide would later make me pay for my tardiness.
At Selsey Bill is was surprised how far out the shallows extended as I took a wide line to avoid the eddy; I also glimpsed my first sight of the Isle of Wight through the haze. Then it was a case of slogging against the flow as I headed for Portsmouth. Fortunately the tide was kind on me and I slowly closed on my destination. As I neared the conditions went to calm as I paddled over to investigate a power boat seemingly abandoned on a sandbank at the river mouth.
A drag up another gravel beach and into the most expensive campsite of the trip at £21.50.
As I was doing my planning I had a visit from Dean and his daughter Millie (I hope the speeling is ok!) Dean works for Standard Horizon, the suppliers of my handheld VHF radios. The word had got around that I damaged one when I had dropped it and Dean had tracked me down to the campsite to bring a replacement. Now that is excellent customer service! We had a pleasant chat and I enjoyed answering Millie's questions, nice to meet you both. And a big thankyou!
I also had another visitor in the form of Mission Control who has come to keep an eye on me once again, apparently I was such good company last time (she said because I was on the water 6 hours a day - but I don't understand that logic).
So all in all a good end to a rather unremarkable day - here's to a few more of them.
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Anonymous said...

Hi John, it was great to meet up with you, hope we didn't ask too many questions and delay your planning too much.
As we drove home Millie did ask again so how does John go to toilet when he is in the kayak, little minds eh!
Best of luck for the remainder of the challenge and hope The Solent isn't too busy over the weekend.
Best regards
(Standard Horizon)