23 June 2012

The way it is...

I had a sneaking suspicion yesterday that I could be sleeping in Hotel Vango in the car park at Point Lynas at the end of the day, and so it turned out.
Not ideal, but just the way life is. Can't say I was frustrated really, you've just got to accept it - the weather gods and me long ago went off each others Christmas card lists.
They will always win in the end, there's more of them than me. It would have been good to finish but it just wasn't to be. Looking at the map later and thinking back to the conditions, I've got to say that even I was quite impressed - you can't fault me for effort on that one surely.
The day started to the sound of the heavy rain that fell throughout the night. As it cleared I started to pack and found myself chatting to Lobster Bob, a Yorkshire man (but not bad for all that) who had found himself living in Trefor for 30 years. He knew all about James B's boat going missing a couple of years ago.
I knew it was going to be a serious crossing to Abermenai and it was. I was disappointed as the heavy rain and mist blotted out all the landmarks soon after I started, but then I soon realised that looking to the right would be an expensive luxury - one eye on the bow and the other firmly to the W looking for the biggies coming in - true chameleon paddling!
And the biggies did come in. I only had to survive 7.7miles I told myself and then I would be in the sanctuary of the Straits. Approaching Caernarfon Bar was tense but I sneaked through without mishap - lady luck smiled on me.The Straits blew past in a smooth downwind run, a strange feeling to be so close to home. The Menai Challenge was tempting but I thought I should save myself for the Conwy Ascent - just in case.
I had a quick chat with Phil Clegg and James Stevenson who were both out with clients in the rain and then onwards towards Puffin.And this is where things got difficult. The conditions away from the cliffs were bordering on ridiculous and close in weren't a lot better, I took a seemingly endless battering from the wind as I slogged across Red Wharf Bay and sneaked in to Moelfre to lick my wounds. After a bit of food the plan was to sneak around the corner to Traeth Lligwy but then neither the Boss nor I were surprised to meet each other at Point Lynas - she knows me to well.
The headland at Lynas is only a few hundred metres of into wind, how hard could that be! Yeah, well I don't need to answer that one do I? Wind, race and swell - hmmm yum yum.
It was very nice to see the Anglesey Stick clan awaiting me on the beach, more psychic powers though? I'd only decided myself an hour earlier to land there - spooky!
Little Brother and the Summit to Sea team also dropped in for a visit, all very pleasant.Later there was a poignant moment as I realised that I was not just on the last map but down to just one side of one map case - rather than the 4 sides of daily on water juggling.

It brought it all home the adventure was very nearly over. I'm not counting my chickens yet though, I know the race most definitely doesn't finish until you cross the line. In this wind that line could still be a while away.But the fat lady is warming up her voice I think.
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soundoftheseagull said...

News in well done congratulations a fantastic achievment sleep well tonight.

peter said...

Hallo John

Congratulation, you have been very good.

Maryse und Peter

Douglas Wilcox said...

Fantastic trip John, hearty congratulations. You have done amazingly considering the atrocious weather that often seemed to head you.

Douglas :o)

JM said...
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Mike Greenslade said...

Unbelievable achievement. I'm sure the other Midlifekayak guys would join me in sending you massive congratulations!

Mike Greenslade