18 June 2012

Where to now then?

8:30hrs after leaving Lundy I landed on the beach at Freshwater West. A lady asked where I had come from, I told her 'Lundy' - a short pause and then 'so where are you going now?'
Now? Isn't that enough?

An early start from Lundy to dodge the weather later in the day. Dead calm behind the island but the standard 2-4ft swell further out with a chop and a steady breeze.
A couple of dolphins cut me up and then swam alongside for a short time before going off to find something faster.
Yesterday saw the first jellyfish of the trip; plenty of blues sunning themselves. Today it was the turn of the moons to grab the sunshine.
Manx Shearwater also out in large numbers, accompanying me with a wheeling carousel of wave skimming circuits.
Later I spotted a very small porpoise (less than 1/2m long) looking unhappy. I followed for a while before deciding to leave, then it came with me, sticking to the front of the boat. Rather than fascination I felt sad, I got the feeling the little fella was not having a good time. Soon enough we both realised our new relationship had no future and we went our separate ways - I hope he is ok.
At Linney Head things got unpleasant and I ran out of options, in the end I had to cut through the range - apologies to the Castlemartin boys, it was the last resort.
After a 2hr break on the beach at Freshwater I continued on to Martins Haven (nr Skomer) just squeezing in ahead of the weather. A long day.

I'm disappointed with the results of the Greek elections; my motivating goal was to get home before the Greeks left the euro. Perhaps I'll look at Spain then.
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Aled said...

Hey John,
Fancy doing the Conwy Ascent this Saturday? I need a shuttle run...

Jim Krawiecki said...

Tremendous effort John! Set your compass NNE and see you at the weekend.

Jim K

Summit to Sea said...

I reckon there's a fair chance he could be back in time!