23 April 2012

Craignure - Arisaig

A relaxed start in Craignure meant I was not on the water until the pm. It was a straightforward paddle up the Sound of Mull, gazing across at the hills and more memories.
It was fairly calm as I neared Ardnamurchan but still there was a prolonged stretch of 'spikey', confused water - wouldn't want to be there on a rough day. It took a while to round the Point but as I did the lighthouse suddenly appeared, clad in sunlight, perched in a very impressive setting.
Decision time - camp on the beach at Sanna or push onto Arisaig - a 13 mile open crossing, it was now around 18:30.
Wanting to make the most of the good weather I went for the crossing, knowing I would have to work hard. The weather was good, but ahead things looked a little less pleasant.
Initially things went well but as I watched the impressive sunset over Eigg, Rum and Muck a stiffening headwind picked up.
The last hour and half was very hard, I will pay for this later I thought, but eventually I threaded my way through the Arisaig reefs to a welcome landing in the darkness.
Today I am sore, it will be an easier day!

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