22 April 2012

The People

Marcus warned me that I would meet nice people on my way around, but I'm quite a sceptic when it comes to people!
Things didn't start too well when the first lady I met refused me water, the second person gave me some but was pulling his trousers on as he stood in the doorway.
But then things got better: at Niarbyl a couple offered me a shower and a brew as soon as I got off the water, Chris at the Niarbyl Cafe was very helpful and Ryan down on the beach was great company. Rather ungratefully I had to turn down his invite of hospitality (maps and sleep beckoned) but later his grandparents came all the way down the hill to chat and we spent a very pleasant time as the sun went down.
Over in N.I. the Warden at Silver Bay campsite was most helpful and Jetski Barry made good conversation; next day the staff at Carnfunnock were friendly and helpful too - thanks for the weather. The lady at the Southend Tearooms fed me well (though I kept her beyond her closing time) and then there was Jim at Point Sands who thrust a welcome beer into my hand before the boat was off the beach. Dave the owner was very helpful there too.
Scarba I just had myself (and the Oystercatchers) for company.
At Craignure the staff at the stores had held onto my parcel for me while Shaun (?) at the campsite is going to post my parcel back for me (he says!)
Marcus was right, it seems like not only are there still some nice people out there but it appears they may even be in the majority.
Quite refreshing for a grumpy old sceptic like me.
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soundoftheseagull said...

Love that bit about the trousers being pulled up, could have been worse and they could have been going down that would have worried you more, keep going great photos

Dad said...

Am trying to sort your trolley axle problem out for you, trying to get hold of Andrew to help also. DAD

Steve said...

Well can I add one for the hospitality list and give you an invite in advance ? If it happens to fit into your schedule you're welcome to stay with us on Bardsey on your way back up the West Coast.Totally understand if it doesn't work out...but you know where we are.
Happy paddling !

Douglas Wilcox said...

Hi John I was away for a few days and come back to read of your amazing progress, you deserve some tailwinds after that lot! :o)

Barry Shaw said...

Hey John, well done and keep it going. The best part about trips is the people you meet on them. Do you have a problem with your trolley? Text me if there is anything I can do. Maybe we can get ours to you.

angleseykayaker said...


Excellent progress, but as mentioned above you deserve some tailwinds after the effort you've put in! Good to hear that there are plenty of nice people around too. We're watching your progress closely here at Anglesey Stick.