19 April 2012

Day 7(?) Dunaverty to Taylinloan

An early start to venture around the Mull; to be honest I wasn't sure what to expect and I was a touch nervous after Tuesday. I think I now probably have a different outlook on the place than Mr McCartney does. I was glad the swell had dropped away but it was still a confused and bouncy ride in places.
After that things just settled down into a long slog with little tide against a F3-5 headwind all the way to Point Sands campsite N of Tayinloan.
The campsite is a wonderful setting on the waters edge looking out over to the Isle of Gigha and beyond to Jura. The welcome was warm and friendly too, I had a beer in my hand before the boat was off the beach!
Today was a long slog and to be honest I was a little disappointed on how I paddled, but just sitting on the beach admiring the sunset put everything in it's place.
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Steve said...

Wow ! Well done John ! I'm surprised you've been able to make any headway North at all in these winds...glad you've found a welcome haven . It's cool being able to follow your progress on the map link.
All the best.

barry said...

Good going John. You're doing just great!

Barry and Justine