19 April 2012

Larne to Mull of Kintyre

Monday evening was spent at a very nice campsite at Carnfunnock near Larne. Strong winds and heavy rain all through the night but my trusty Vango took it all in it's stride.
Tuesday morning started with a no-go forecast (who decided on 05:20?) for the crossing, backed up with a quick peek out into the bay. Oh well, I have a good book and every episode of In Our Time I could download, it could be worse! But then the wind suddenly dropped - bugger.
So 2hrs late I was on the water - the crossing went ok, a bit lumpy near the Mull and half the World's navies to dodge it seemed (I'm sure there is a Captain of a rather fetching white gunboat who should be able to find a hint of red gel down his port side, if he looks carefully), but no great dramas.
Anyway the 2hrs meant that I had missed the tide heading North along the Mull. I gave it a try but as the tide turned a huge swell came in and scared the willies out of me. After thrashing around for far too long I turned tail, into a nasty headwind and headed through the tiderace to eventually make a surf landing at Dunaverty Bay - wet and knackered.
Wednesday was a rest day at Dunaverty/Southend. I was a little shaken by my exploits around the Mull and physically things were begining to tell. So a day of R & R along with Haggis, Tatties 'n' Neaps in the Tearoom.
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Dan Dooley said...

That swell must have been something! Best wishes, John.