26 April 2012


Can no-one rid me of these meddlesome winds?
The forecast tomorrow means a paddle is possible but with the coastline ahead and with a full boat it would be close to borderline. If the forecast is a little out or the swell is significant then things could be a bit of a handful.
I am conscious that every day lost takes a long time to make up and I don't want to outstay my welcome with the friendly people at Carn Dearg either: but these thoughts are easily formed in the warmth and shelter or the indoors.
It could be another early morning, suck it and see, trust your instincts sort of day.
Decisions, decisions.

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Steve said...

Blimey John...I do sympathise with you. At times it can seem like the wind has a devious personality !
The last long paddle I did I had a head wind for 18 of the 25 days...and it predictably turned the 'corners' as I did...arghh.
Don't push it though...that next bit is very exposed..it'll be there another day. The winds look a lot calmer next week...

Anonymous said...

It must be frustrating having constant headwinds....If it's any consolation I've been following quite a lot of team's who are trying to make their way round- They're also waiting for the winds to subside just now.