26 April 2012

Rest day

The kind people at Carn Dearg SYHA are being very patient with me as I wait for a break in the weather. The shipping forecast this morning included the term 'severe gale 9' - ahh, back to sleep then!
The Youth Hostel is situated on the N side of Loch Gairloch with a small ridge behind and so is a little sheltered from the winds; at times things don't look too bad down in the loch. Then a glance out towards Skye and into the Sound and things can be made out rolling downwind that I'd rather not be part of.
So I've had chance to catch up a little, take stock and sort a few things out.
The chance to wash clothing was appreciated; I had a minor wardrobe malfunction in Craignure with my only pair of trousers and a rashly chosen egg & bacon roll. What a mess, if I stopped in the street dogs would lick me.
Other than the damage from the trolley mishaps the Taran is in surprisingly good condition - disappointed at the avoidable damage but pleased that I've looked after her otherwise.
The rest of my kit is standing up well generally, might try to talk a little more about that later.
So what next?
Well I have to be careful not to get too comfortable here first of all! But the coastline from here on N has limited landing places and is a little exposed to the swell. So even the options to scratch a few more miles here and there are limited. Have to take each day as it comes really, Jim's Dad is also now onboard as onsite weather reporter at Aultbea which gives a useful insight.
Back at Mission Control the Team Manager is sorting out more postal resupply boxes. The people at Craignure P.O. were very helpful, especially as I arrived out of opening hours of course. Shawn from the campsite also deserves a mention for sending the return parcel back - cheers Shawn! The next parcel is due at Durness and the lady there seems very helpful too. Unfortunately as the route heads S some post offices aren't quite so accommodating. We've had to make minor route changes to allow - the north/south divide perhaps?
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Summit to Sea said...

A well deserved rest, as you're off all day, you should treat yourself to an all-day breakfast! ;-)

Mike and Deb said...

John (and Pascale) - I know it's a way off at the moment but if you need to get any parcels delivered to us to get to you en route we'd be happy to help. M and D

Jim W said...

I don't know what tidal info you have but I just remembered something that may be of use within a couple of days of you getting going again. I have only paddled north of the Summer Isles once, and my mate Phil had a battered map on which he had marked some tidal arrows marking a stream which was not well documented.

Essentially we crossed from the Summer Isles to Point of Stoer across the mouth of Enard bay, the plan had been to head a km or so west of the direct line to catch the tidal stream, unfortunately some of our group were too nervous and we didn't get far enough out to make best use of it.

It's a bold plan and you would want to time it to get around Point of Stoer before the race reverses against you, it does also mean you would miss the Lochinver Pie Shop.

Our intention was to camp on an island just past the point, but due to not getting the lift we missed the tide gate and never did get around.

Hope the info is of some use.