17 May 2012

Big do

Turn's out my Brother's boat show is getting to be quite a do, over 60 trade stands I believe. I even think Daddy Christmas (the big hairy one from Summit to Sea) is taking a stand too.
So if you fancy looking at boats big and small that is the place to be - Chandlery World / Bridge House Marina, Garstang. Gratuitous plug now over - but both of these companies have provided me with a lot of help for this trip so it's the least I can do.
Go on make a day of it and treat yerself.
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Anonymous said...

Looks like all is still going well - look after that rib and stay safe. hope to see you soon Mike and Deb

Peter said...

Hallo John
Alles Gute, schönes Wetter und viel Spaß.
bonne mer et pas de vent.

barry shaw said...

I think Peter likes wet scones.