18 May 2012

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Another short and frustrating day, but at the same time I'm quite pleased how it went.
With the water further down the beach, the launch from Boggle Hall was much less demanding than the landing. I liked Boggle Hall, that's one that will go onto the list for the 'Pie and Chips Tour 2013 - the reprise' (the boat free(ish) tour).
Out of Boggle heading straight for Rotterdam (or suchlike) for quite a while to avoid the nasty bits by the headland. The swell was still running but the impressive cliffs didn't cause too much washback on the whole, except where the scars made themselves known. Again the swell was 2-4 but every now and then a handful of biggies powered through just to remind who was boss.
The castle at Scarborough soon loomed through the gloom in it's impressive setting. Scarborough looked quite impressive and not what I expected with the rows of Georgian buildings strung smartly along the high ground. I was expecting it to be all amusement arcades and fish and chips; I rounded the headland to find it was.
The headland was on the boisterous side so I tucked in behind the harbour wall to eat and consider. The forecast was for 30mph down at Filey at 1500, could I sneak in before that, not likely I thought. There were no get outs in between.
But a quick call to FMC (Fallback Mission Control - i.e. Summit to Sea) for a weather update showed things had changed, Filey sounded like it was on. A gent on the harbour wall had just visited Filey and confirmed that 'things were same as here (Scarborough)'
And so, out of the shelter of the headland and things were no worse than earlier, the wind had lost it's edge and those little flying short-term weather indicators (LFSTWI - the birds) were back - always a good sign. Do they use Magic Seaweed?
Ken and Dave had warned me to take care at Filey Brigg, I could see what they meant from a way off and gave it a wide berth.
Even so the get-me-out-of-here stress rating went from 60-70% up into the 85% region (with a couple of 'spikes' in there too).
But eventually I hung a redgie and closed on Filey to find 3 of the landing options closed out, but the 4th was only a small surf in. After a quick chat at the sailing club I dragged 'Mary C' up the steep hill to the council run campsite.
I need to say Hello to Sarah and Katy for their help - the 'Hiker rate' was only £2.50! The cheapest yet by far and a very pleasant campsite as well - Filey Brigg Caravan and Camping Park. Hmmm, may have to review my cynical view of Councils. Impressive showers too, like a sort of industrial device you would use for getting the stubborn stains off large elephants.
As I was trying to sneak a quick egg and chips in the cafe Dave Adamson turned up to say Hello. Dave had made me a kind offer of hospitality, but it didn't feel right to travel so far inland (Scarborough!) and north to boot! So I guiltily turned down his kind offer - nothing personal Dave! We had a good chat all the same and Dave provided me with some good local knowledge for the next committing section.
The wind is cold tonight; a lady on the campsite offered me the remnants of her barbecue to warm me up as I looked so cold apparently! During the day my mind had wandered onto the weather topic yet again; I brought 3 Kokatat cags: Exped cag, Gore-tex semi-dry and a Pac-lite lightweight. I've worn the lightweight only twice since I set out over a month ago. Until last week I'd worn my pogies on more days than I hadn't and full winter kit is de-rigeur most days. I know I can't expect it to be summer just yet, but full winter kit? Am I missing something here?
At the end of the day I'm disappointed that I just can't get any rhythm going or to put the miles down, but on the other hand I was pleased that I paddled well technically today and the decision making was good. But for ****sake will someone give me a break?!
Minor comedy moments of the last few days include the tent pole and electric fence at Cresswell, and I had to have a sly grin when I found that the room booked in the YHA by Mission Control was the 'Kaiser' room.
Not had a F6 for a day or two...
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barry shaw said...

Doing well John. Keep your head up it will warm up soon.