15 May 2012


I sat on the dunes in the sunshine to eat and listen to the shipping forecast. With the sunshine and blue skies it was mesmerising to watch and listen to the waves on the shore below.
To the N I watched a large cumulous form and start to head my way. After a quick call to Geoff I can now see the beast is about to arrive, time to zip up the Vango and grab another chapter of the book.
It's not really where I wanted to be today, but then as places not to be it is one of the better ones.
Life's a beach.

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Aled said...

Hey John, what with this "Zen" talk? Quit boiling up those lentils - go get yourself some pie and chips. :-)

Summit to Sea said...

What he said!!


Anonymous said...

John, I do believe your stalling so that you can be at the Skeg Symposium this weekend :-) Free bed and food if your at Runswick for Friday or Saturday night - who am I kidding, no such thing as a free lunch, it'll cost you a half hour lecture on 'The Journey So Far'. :-)

Anything you want from the factory? Heading over Thursday night, back Friday morning? I could try and get to you, as long as your not halfway to Skegness by then :-)