15 May 2012

Sitting around

A frustrating day sat on the beach.
I awoke to a hailstorm, the hailstones remained on the ground for a couple of hours, such was the temperature.
Off the beach the conditions were borderline but possible this morning but the forecast was for the wind to strengthen a little. I was uneasy about the next stretch of coastline with few overnight options and somehow things didn't look right out there. So I waited.
The wind did strengthen, more than the forecast suggested and by lunch I was glad not to be on the water.
The forecast was for the wind to lessen late afternoon, it did but I was just a few miles too short (once again) to make practical use of the remainder of the day. I called Pat Murray at the Sunderland Marine Activities Centre for any suggestions but between us we couldn't come up with a realistic answer - so here I sit out the remainder of the day with long miles to come tomorrow.

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Nigel H said...

You're doing well John and many are folowing your progress.