21 May 2012

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Nigel H said...

I'm looking in every day to check your progress and many others are too. The east coast is a crap coast, always cold with an easterly wind. Keep positive and focus on getting to the end of each day. No matter how a drag some days may be the clock never stops and you'll be past it in time.
you must be more comfortable on your seat than me in my XP 18.

good luck is coming your way.

Anonymous said...

The east coast is a crap coast....... if you don't mind Nigel, some of us love this coast, but Withernsea is certainly a crap place. Spirits up John, get your ass down to Kilnsea at least tomorrow, I think you'll find the Humber crossing better than you imagine, two schools of thought, enter the river and cross or go wide, I wish I knew the answer to that one, I sway towards entering the river and taking a chance with the shallower south bank.
Improving forecast mate with temperatures even going into double figures, I think get past the Humber and you'll be on fire ;-)


barry shaw said...

Be careful immediately after the Humber crossing. At DZ1 on the chart we had missiles fired at us by a tornado and then some american planes. Make sure they know you are there.
Take care,

Nigel H said...

I should have said some time ago that it's odd the RNLI have refused your charitable donation intention when they were happy to take money from Sea Morley after his UK trip. They have taken money from me too with UK Sea Kayak Racing races.