22 May 2012

Farewell Withernsea

...It was memorable.
Finished the day today just S of Chapel St Leonards (how can such a small place be so well known?)
Phoned Donna Nook tower to check on activity before crossing the range - 'You are a bit unlucky (Just a bit?) we've had nothing for weeks but now we have a trial on for the next few days and then it's quiet again. Can you wait a day or two?' So I had to paddle around the range as well.
2-4ft following sea to start but picked up to 4-6 breaking as I headed out to bypass the range. Then had a few biggies barge through too, it was getting rather stressful. But once I cleared the range things settled down to a 2-3ft following chop as I headed S with a good tide for the last couple of hours.
Micky C and Debs met me on the beach (even though I got out on the wrong one!) And after a bit of a campsite faff I then dined on homemade pie and cakes (plus beer) - Heaven! What friends are for!
A little stressful early on but a really nice finish to the day with excellent company and some good miles under the belt too.
It's the people that make it what it is.
Night night.

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Geoff said...

Hi John,
Great to see that you had a good day. You deserve the odd one surely! Keep at it mate. Fantastic.

Mike and Deb said...

Fantastic to see you looking strong and full of great tales of your trip so far - there is definitely a book in there some where. Keep safe
Mike and Deb