13 May 2012

A tad blustery

I was very happy to see that the swell had faded overnight, the Swell Gods and me are no longer on speaking terms. Of course you never get a full respite, the Wind Gods had stepped back in to make sure I didn't get an easy day.
Weather Girl told me to expect 20mph winds to start, steadily increasing to 30mph by the end of the day - with some gusts on top of that. It all sounded a bit demanding but then it would be offshore with no swell and more sandy beaches than rocks on this one. No distance to cover, no timings to make and with lots of options, hopefully a stress free, resigned, plugging away sort of day. Time to suck it and see.
Hugging the shore to minimise the fetch I made steady progress to Lindisfarne; it was rather chilly again with the wind, this was a two hat + hood and pogies day. Even so I got a little chilly so I made a quick stop on Holy Island for extra thermals but then the quick stop developed into a proper stop - nice hot beef stew + dumplings, a (big) handful of bakewell tarts and a post luncheon snooze wrapped snugly in my shelter - bliss! Even more blissful with the Wayfayrer self heating meal pouch stuffed up my jacket as I snoozed (don't try this at home kids!)
The crossing of B(?) Bay from Emmanuel Head wasn't so blissful. The 30mph winds had arrived, the speed was down to 1.6-1.8 kts and things were taking a long time. Eventually I got across and tried to back onto the beach to keep the sand out of my eyes as I took a breather - I couldn't get the boat onto the beach for the wind.
After a few minutes I got under way again, once again hugging the shore to finally make my way to a very friendly campsite at Beadnell. A slight comedy moment in reception when I was asked if it was 'rather blustery out there' - I figured there was no need to reply as right on cue we both watched a wheelie bin blow past the window. (You know it's windy when the shower curtain moves with the wind too!)
The big debate on the campsite is whether to take the awnings down or not (should have bought a Vango!) - ah well, life goes on I suppose.
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ollie jay said...

Hi John,

Sorry the Northumberland coast is not giving you an easy ride, you did very well yesterday given the winds! Can you let me know where you are going to be having a break today as I will head down to say hi, I imagine you started early to get the flooding tide?
Ollie J

ollie jay said...

Great to meet you this morning, you went great guns across Beadnell bay in a very stiff breeze, looked easier once you got passed Dunstanburgh castle. I have posted a short clip on my U-tube channel Active4seasons here:
I have posted some pics on my Facebook page too:https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.357489317644905.81863.124356360958203&type=1&l=0a42517b67

Ollie said...

Managed to upload the wrong clip so here is the new one on my U-Tube channelhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oetDoOkR5xs&feature=share
link also on Facebook.
Take care through Yorkshire and don't rely too much on Jim's book he paddles way too slow for you!