01 May 2012

Tuesday: Armadale - Thurso

Down the dunes and another dry run out through the surf, I was quite pleased with that one.
Compared with yesterday's cloud, today was blue skies and bright sunshine. But once again as I rounded the head it was straight into a solid and cold top end F4. Just as it was becoming tedious it suddenly dropped off, things calmed down a little too and it became quite pleasant - a gentle F3 from the front. The miles were ticking off nicely and the Orkney Isles were crystal clear over to the north; but yesterday's short day had a knock on effect - I wasn't going to get around Dunnet Head today. Oh well, Thurso it was then.
Suddenly the wind reappeared and the last hour was a lumpy slog into a top end F4 again as I held off the cliffs.
But things settled as I entered the bay and soon I was ashore on the beach, before the boat was out of the water an old gent came over to chat.
Again it was a while to get all the gear sorted but eventually I was sorted in the campsite overlooking the bay and out onto the Orkneys - impressive.
Time at last for pie + chips I reckoned - over 2 weeks in(!) except the chip shop had run out of pies! And I was just getting to like Thurso.

Roger's comment about Michal + Natalie's tent in Torquay made me smile all day - 'Welcome to Torquay - just remember you are not here to enjoy yourself!' Everybody in N.I. and Scotland has been so friendly and helpful (even the drunks!) Oh I can't wait to get back over that border once again...


barry shaw said...

No wind tomorrow then about four days of tailwinds.

Steve said...

Looks like you're heading into a week or so of better weather John...I think you deserve it by now !