09 June 2012

The Money Grabbers

This morning I paddled out of Torbay without looking back, sadly I had taken a bit of a dislike to the place and was glad to go.
It didn't look like a good day wind wise though, 20mph from the W/SW - it was going to be a long one. Time for some sneaky tactical planning.
I made reasonable progress as I used the shelter of the cliffs to take me down towards Dartmouth. It was bright and sunny here but there was no respite from the wind until I could sneak into a cove near Blackpool Sands.
Heading S now towards Start Point I took what shelter I could find close to shore. The windsurfers were out in force as I passed the nicely named Slapton Sands.
Start Point was impressive and just starting to get bouncy, much to the delight of the green faced passengers in the tourist rib!
The Boss watched me through the bouncy stuff at Prawle, as I sneaked beneath the Coastwatch tower. Next came the entrance to Salcombe and a pair of aimless yachts. After a bit of tooing and froing I avoided them, but it took me into the bouncy stuff; though it was fairly big at least it wasn't breaking.
After Salcombe things would settle down Weather Girl had told me and she was right. The wind dropped down to nicely manageable, and the swell eased too. It was time to grab the miles, but I was knackered now.
Still, I finally drifted into Wembury completely shattered but reasonably pleased after making the best of a bad job.
Mission Control had arranged a nice B+B in the village too.
Needing food we headed up the hill to the pub, the Boss asking directions from a pleasant little old lady out for a walk. Unfortunately we had missed the 'Wembury Long Distance Walking Champion' title on the rear of her jacket - 'just around the corner and a few minutes walk' she said, 'my arse' I said.
Still the food (at The Odd Wheel) was excellent.
Leek and potato by the way - thanks for asking.
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