08 June 2012

The Soup Dragon

Now I'm a simple Northern lad and when it comes to food I don't like pretence. If I see a square plate heading my way then my heart sinks, and if the food is heaped in a small pile in the centre of said plate with 'drizzle' all around, well I know it means we'll probably looking for a chip shop on the way home.
On this trip it seems that not only have I been dogged by the wind gods but by the soup gods too. I've been very happy with my Wayfayrer meals but every now and then I like to make the most of an opportunity for a bit of a change, it just seems like the soup gods have been laughing at me all the way.
It started with Cream of Broccoli, along came Carrot and Coriander (what's the point? You expend more calories lifting the spoon than are on it), followed by the memorable Cream of Spinach and Courgette (I ask you!) and so the list went on: Tomato, more Cream of Broccoli, Homemade Vegetable, Broccoli and Stilton - I might have missed a couple. Now don't get me wrong, they were all 'homemade' and 'technically' very good, but when did the whole soup world go veggie? What happened to a decent Broth, or a good bowl of Goulash or even just a bit of Chicken? Any more chlorophyll in my diet and I won't need to eat at all.

Anyway, still stuck at Brixham/Paignton. The weather yesterday made the choice easy - 30mph+ with gusts around the 50 mark. Today was less and a sneak along the cliffs looked possible but there was a bit of a sting in the tale into Kingswear. In the end I decided the kit hassle etc. wasn't worth those few miles.
So another trip to a launderette, and now I smell all nice and lovely again (I washed the clothes too). And then a bit of blog/photo admin, planning and general kit sorting.
The weather looks better tomorrow but not easy. I do need to move on, it's not quite to the stage of Withernsea yet but my feet are getting itchy.

Thanks to Philippa and Nick Arding for their kind offer of hospitality.
To Anglesey Stick Rich, cheers for that. If the Camel fits the timing I may just pop up the estuary.
And to Summit to Sea and Vango; thanks for getting the new pole down to me so quickly. I'll try to look after this one a bit better!

Anyway, got to go. We are off out, for some soup apparently.

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Summit to Sea said...


Hope you get on the water today, it's blowing well up here this morning.

I've just been loading boats for a demo weekend.