24 April 2012

Mixed day - Sandaig Islands to Sand

Started early to catch tide. Stepped over fresh otter prints on way down beach, one last look at the Sandaig Islands and then I was off... into a headwind.
Only a gentle one though but at 5 degrees I needed my pogies. Soon at Kyle Rhea where wind dropped and tide picked up, 8+knots - at last!
Into Loch Alsh, dead calm and peaceful. Headed over to Kyle of Lochalsh to trade time for rations at the Co-op and then off again.
Calm still as I headed to the Crowlins with porpoises and a seal for company. Smooth chop started to come in, forewarning of an imminent wind.
As I passed the islands and headed N the wind suddenly went to F4 and stayed there. I slogged N towards Applecross with squalls blowing through, wind increasing and things getting quite lumpy - possibly a front passing by?
By Applecross I was hugging the cliffs to try to get some shelter; in the end I elected to land at Sand to consider the options.
Plenty of space at Sand, 2hrs to next beach and the SYHA further on was just not feasible.
Much soul searching as I felt there was a little more in the tank but went for better the devil you know and opted for an early stack at Sand.
A trolley malfunction on the beach damaged the hull, annoyed as this is 2nd time. Paddled all this way with no more than a couple of scratches but some nasty damage walking up the beach - bugger.
By the time I had the tent up the front had blown through and things settled down out in the Sound! Tempted - but knowing what Uncle Geoffrey would say I put the thoughts to the back of my mind and admired the view.
Annoyed with the trolley.
Frustrated with the wind Gods (again).
But quietly pleased with an ok mileage in poor conditions.


Steve said...

Good decision to stop at Sand I reckon...gives you a bit more recovery time too. Awesome photo of your camp there John.
I popped in to Rockpool today and met Mike...had a go in the demo Taran...nice boat...everything seems to pass by quite quickly !

soundoftheseagull said...

Great progress

barry shaw said...

Hi John, it's your last chance. We won't take no for an answer this time. Accept the offer of our trolley. You have a lot of long beaches ahead of you. Pete's picking it up from us on Thursday morning. Take care.

geoff murray said...

Going great John,always try to concentrate on the positives and bugger the negatives :-)You are making brilliant progress

Anonymous said...

Great progres,John, despite the freakin' winds. Yes, trolleys are annoying, even when they work fine! No trolley = happy John = easier trip? Please also do not forget to break the 2005 pub crawl record (Phil, Barry and Harry managed to visit pubs in 74 out of the 80 days) ... a forgotten, but much more impressive, record to many of us. Fairer winds to you, John!


Jim W said...

John, you are approaching my Dad's turf, let me know if I can get him to help with anything - B&B, supplies, repairs, Whisky, tour of the local distillery (if you have time).