23 April 2012

Weather doesn't look too good for a couple of days so may try to finish on a campsite tomorrow to use facilities - washing etc. if I get storm bound.
Found a tick crawling through the tent tonight, hope he left his buddies at home.
Cheers Barry for the offer of the trolley. The axle is showing a fair amount of wear but no great drama yet. Little Brother and Dad are on the case to put a couple of spares together just in case.
Douglas, I could see Ailsa Craig in the distance as I crossed from Larne. Made me remember the trip there a year ago with you and the gang, a good day out.
Wisdom tooth decided to push through just before I set out, today was my first pain free dayn hopefully should sleep better tonight - ticks allowing!
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Mike and Deb said...

Great progess and some fantastic photos! Hope the weather has held out a bit longer. M and D

Anonymous said...

Fantastic progress John.
If you are looking for a good campsite in the next day- Clachtoll or Scourie are a good bet and well within striking distance of the Cape. Best of Luck TonyP