25 April 2012


Weathergirl and Chicken Man suggested I might want to start early to try to sneak in front of the weather. Sounded like a plan, seemed less like a plan at 4:00am though.
The wind was still rattling the tent when I awoke, hmm not convinced. In for a penny, in for a pound though - as I packed, the wind eased a little and I got on the water. Got around the trolley problem after using my trusty Gerber to (eventually) whittle a skid out of a piece of pipe found on the beach. Sand was a beautiful spot, but I had to leave it behind and head north once again, into a headwind - once again.
The plan was to reach Carn Dearg SYHA near Gairloch before the forecast strong winds arrived at lunch.
I scratched my way up the coast. The crossing of Loch Torridon was relatively short at 4 miles or so but it was exhausting. The swell came from two directions, the wind from another and the chop from everywhere else - not big conditions but hard work.
A quick breather out of the wind at Red Point (lovely beaches), some food and then pogies and extra hat again for the last leg. Though the wind was strong down Loch Gairloch the conditions seemed quite straighforward to the finish at Little Sands, after a bit of a faff I arrived soggily at the SYHA Carn Dearg.
I ran down to the town for some food and a look around though I had to beat a hasty retreat from the pub after banging my head on the table as I fell asleep. Sorry Marcus but there's no chance of beating the 74/80 record - I'm only on 2 out of 12 so far!
The forecast talks of gales and winds up to F9 in the area for tomorrow - a day off perhaps?
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Will Herman said...

Hi John,

It does look bad tomorrow, but then a good run of lighter winds and better weather I think - hopefully will see you around the top.
If time allows, visit the Lochinver Pie Shop. It really is worth a bit of a detour!


Dad and Margaret said...

We are still following your progress with interest.

Ken Oliver said...

Enjoy the rest day John, very much deserved. Thoroughly enjoying reading your progress reports.