22 April 2012

Saturday - Scarba to Craignure

From early on I knew it wasn't going to be a good day. The tide didn't seem to get going, the wind of course was a headwind again - a F4/5 for most of the way and I was feeling the miles of the previous days.
The last time I was at Craignure I surfed into the bay just before midnight on a rainy night after a circumnavigation of the island. Today I paddled a much shorter distance but seemed as tired as that last visit to Mull.
On the upside I collected my first resupply parcel, it felt like Christmas! More maps, Wayfayrer meals and even my fleecy jim-jams! I was pleased to get more Clif bars too, I was rather disappointed when they ran out a few days ago. Though I did find a good alternative in the tearoom stores at Southend in the form of Bobby's Bakewell Flapjack - if anybody by remote chance knows anyone at Bobby's a box full would help to send me nicely on my way!
All in all a slightly disappointing day that makes the next few days a little more complicated - but then it's not such a bad thing to be reminded that your just a middle aged bloke on a canoe trip when all is said and done.


Summit to Sea said...

I like the last line John and hope you're enjoying your "holiday".


Anglesey Stick said...

Less of the middle age - you are just a young fella