28 April 2012

The difference a day makes

Started the day with a walk along the headland. There was a mist in the air from the spray and the swell had left a wide band of foam along the coast. Not quite what I had hoped for but I got the feeling that things would settle a little.
I got on an hour late, the wind had dropped but the swell was still running - though smaller than yesterday.
I gave Greenstone a wide berth and then headed straight across to the next headland, Rubha C (map not handy!)
But a change of plan and then headed for Point of Stoer. Calm for the first two hours and then a steady breeze on the nose for the rest of the day.
P o S demanded concentration and an even wider berth and then a big decision: around the corner to find a spot to camp in the bay or another 9 miles to Scourie.
So here I sit in Scourie, drinking Guiness and listening to the All Scotland (Northern region) swearing championships.
I've not seen much of Scourie yet but I like it, but then you would after 9 hours in a boat I suppose.
Tomorrow will be a Canute day; I'll go when I feel like it - sod the tide.
Night night

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Jim W said...

Wow! To relate this to my own paddling in that area you just did 2 big days (Mellon Udrigle to Isle Ristol is similar to Slaggan to rubha c and Tenera beg to POS makes up the differece.) Plus another 9 miles.... Good work!

Barry Shaw said...

Wahoo! Cape wrath next, well done.

Steve said...

Good work John ! Nearly at the first corner !

Anglesey Stick said...


Keep up the good work. Looks like it is nearly time for some southerly winds :-)

Summit to Sea said...

Don't forget to take the racing line through the corner.

First to the buoy usually clinches it on the swellies!!