The Why?

Well, by now I've been asked a number of times why I am setting out to do this trip, just what are the reasons behind it? There is a pregnant pause as they wait for the deep and meaningful answer, followed by palpable disappointment as I point out there isn't one.

I could use the old 'because it's there' answer - but that would be too flippant.
Or perhaps the 'to raise funds and bring attention to the plight of the lesser spotted Mongolian tree frog' - but then that's not my way either.
Or perhaps I could waffle on about a voyage of personal discovery as I find out of just what kind of 'stuff' I am made. That will be interesting, but no, it's not the reason.
Perhaps I could mention how I look forward to an interesting voyage along the breathtaking British coastline, meeting people and having adventures along the way - no not really; I have no doubt there will be long stretches of cold, wet, miserable and generally crappy paddling ahead.
And as to the death defying adventures, well frankly the fewer of them the better! If I can get around safely and not have my kit nicked I'll be happy.
No, this is not the reason either.

I don't think there is a real 'reason' why I am setting out, it's just a natural progression really. I worked to get from Novice to Div 4, and then the aim was for Div 2 and of course in turn into 1. Premier would surely be enough? But no, the goal then moved to making the 'The GB Team', after that it was work to win a Championship and so it went on, and on...
Onto the sea it was to paddle around 'The Beacon', then a first solo trip to the Skerries. A circumnav of Anglesey followed and soon a paddle across the Irish Sea (only now a real paddler apparently).

It is all just a steady progression.

So there isn't a specific reason as such - it's just the next thing on the list really...

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Felipe said...

Well, could say, you do it because it's fun! :) I wouldn't do it if it wasn't fun...