30 June 2012

One week later

I'm sat on the water's edge, it's wet and windy once again. I'm here watching Pascale braving the cold stuff on her body board. It's fun to see the childlike grin on her face as she is deposited rather unceremoniously up the beach. She's having fun, water tends to do that for you.

Am I tempted to venture out?
Not in the slightest - no, not today.
It will come though, it always does.

After a big event, something you have prepared for single-mindedly, for such a long time, there is always the anti-climax once it is over. It has been the focus, the entire focus, for such a prolonged period and then suddenly, almost without warning it is over.
Done and dusted.
Just like that.

The wind is taken from your sails (don't talk to me about the wind!) and there is a large gap that needs to be filled. A new purpose, a new goal.

But there is no hurry, there is no point rushing things, it doesn't work that way. Ideas will form, plans will materialise - go when it feels right. Until then just go with the flow.

It will come though, it always does...

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