03 July 2023

Rest days

It still seems surprising that I can sit on my arse most of the day and still run out of time to do the blog.
Rest days are not as straight forward as they first seem.
You would expect after a couple of days off that things would be flying on the return. But unfortunately there is a little more to it than that, and so to that end I don't look forward to the paddling day tomorrow.
On the other hand though I do look forward to getting back into the boat and doing what I do. I enjoy the nav and the ongoing decision making, I like to watch the distance numbers drop away, I enjoy the small feeling of accomplishment as each waypoint and landmark falls behind and I really do like to be away from the needless crap and clutter of day to day life.
Yes, it will be good to get back in the boat.

I must mention Eileen and Michael at the Wyvern Guest House who have been so friendly and helpful - along with providing the biggest breakfast in Bude!

I've stayed in all sorts of places on this trip: wild camping, campsite, B+Bs and 'hotels'. While the standard of the campsites has varied between very good to pretty poor (with little correlation to price paid) the standard of all the B+Bs has pleasingly been very high. And once again it comes down to the people; I'm not too fussed what facilities are available, as long as I don't have to sleep standing up then I don't look for much more than a friendly welcome and a decent breakfast.

Of course a spot to store 5.5m of red and white plastic is also a useful distinguishing characteristic too.

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