03 June 2012

Where's Harry?

The forecast was not good, winds around the 20mph mark from the SW throughout the day. The crux of the day revolved around the tide race off St Albans Head, but the remaining cliff section was not to be taken lightly either. The wind was obviously a factor, but the forecast for increasing swell later also made me pause for thought.
And so we headed back to Swanage to take a look at things before a decision had to be made.
The wind was as forecast and to be honest I was not too keen to head out along the committing coastline with what we saw from Durlaston Head.
We took a quick trip to St Albans to look at the infamous race there, at slack it didn't seem all that big a deal really! We were invited in to take a look from the Coastwatch tower; like the day back at Berwick they were friendly and welcoming.
But even in the few minutes we were there we saw a definite mood change in the race down below us, in a surprisingly short time.
The day was over paddling wise - not even Canute could make things wait; the indecision and should I shouldn't I questions were still nagging away though - I didn't have any cake to hand so took the second best option and had a snooze on the cliff top.
I awoke to giggling at my snores, looking down at the race things were pretty big now and it stretched a long, long way out.
We watched a red boat struggling against it, things looked touch and go to be honest. And then we watched a gung ho crew motoring through down tide, even so a number of times they were stopped dead - ouch. Eventually they took the hint (or had a minor mutiny) and headed inshore a little to avoid the worst.
Later back at the Coastwatch we had a piece of cake but then politely excused ourselves when a red flare was spotted. The word went around that the red yacht had lost it's mast further along the coast. As we walked back we could hear the Coastguard helicopter on scene, I hope all ended well for everyone.
I took the opportunity to whip up a hot mix and do a couple of repairs on the boat.
We also managed to grab a few minutes of the Jubilee Pageant, but where was Harry?

And that's it really. These days are not only frustrating but nag at the confidence too. Could I, couldn't I - should I, shouldn't I? One minute conditions look fine and you wonder what all the fuss is about, but then a few minutes later the things make you think you are glad to be on dry land.
15 or 25, but no more 20's please.

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Anonymous said...

Came down to Peveril this morning to see if you needed anything, but must have missed you - assumed you'd already left. Left me know if I can help with anything... 07813462602

Best wishes,

Mark R

Anonymous said...

St Alban's was apparently quite lively today - http://www.swanagelifeboat.org.uk/home/launch.asp?ID=671

Mark R

barry shaw said...

Sadly I watched most of the Jubilee Pageant and spotted Harry.
Having a snooze and eating cake on a Sunday sounds just the job. I hope you're enjoying it. Take care, Barry.