09 May 2012

Stonehaven - East Haven

Good weather today with the remnants of yesterday's swell fading as the day progressed. A gentle headwind that suddenly switched to a tail wind for the last hour and a half.
Impressive conglomerate cliffs and huge numbers of seabirds.
Stopped for a snooze on a secluded beach and then called it a day at East Haven just N of Carnoustie. Finished the day off with a campstove cooked curry by the beach - a pleasant day all in all. Tomorrow looks like it may be a forced rest day with winds knocking on 30mph and gusts of 45 mph forecast. We'll see how things look in the am. Time for beddy boes.

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Anonymous said...

Parcel from Kokatat arrived this morning, we have signed for it. Following your blog with great interest, so is Philip!
Nothing has floated away in the rain last night - 30 mm recorded.

Richard and Jeanie

Geoff said...

Gee John, it won't be long before you are passing yourself.....on the other side of the country of course :-)
Great effort!

Mike and Deb said...

You're making fantastic progress - and getting some stunning photos along the way! Take care see you down the East coast. Mike and Deb

Anonymous said...

Hoping to see you on a beach in east Lothian very soon. Making great progress John, good luck. Dave howie