03 July 2023

The 20mph poof

Stranded in Bude, but I don't mind days like this; you can't be frustrated when you look out from the beach - only thankful you are not out there.
After a hearty breakfast (roll on tomorrow!) I walked down the beach to check the conditions anyway. The swimming area flags were only 30m apart, I figured that if that was the lifeguards view on things I didn't have many options either.
The waves were big and breaking a long, long way out. If you wanted to get out beyond the break today you better buy a car park season ticket - it could take a while. I guess the breakers were something around the 8ft mark.
So another trip to a launderette, a look around the second hand book shop, a cornish nasty (and it was on both accounts), a couple of visits to the beach and various bits of admin, planning and snoozing.
A relaxed day really. I've taken a shine to Bude, there are worse places to be stranded - which is a good thing as I'll still be here tomorrow too. Another day of 30mph+ winds and rain - typical June weather...

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