11 June 2012

The Lizard

Today was my 45th birthday.
The day started far too early with a cheery rendition of 'Happy Birthday' auf deutsch. I remarked that I was now half way to 50, the reply was all too quick, actually I was now half way to 90. There was no answer to that one.
The dodgy food from Mevagissey left me feeling rather rough overnight, it then tried to make a reappearance onto my spraydeck as I paddled beyond the small surf at Hemmick Beach. My face was as green as my spraydeck I guess. A nice start to the day.
And so the first few hours passed very slowly and uncomfortably as I headed steadily for the Lizard, a shame really as the conditions were very pleasant. Even the weather gods had given me a birthday pressie.
I wanted to pass the Lizard on my terms, hence the early start and the long slog with no tidal help. Mile after mile, hour after hour of a gentle 2ft swell and slight breeze under a surprisingly warm high level cloud.
The Navy Merlins from Culdrose were out training noisily over Goonhilly while the Manx Shearwater were happy to circle me before gliding serenely on.
The Manacles went by with barely a ripple and rounding Black Head I caught my first glimpse of the infamous Lizard.
The scenery was striking, though the cafe and NT (and other) buildings struck an incongruous pose. I was lucky with the conditions though, but there was still a fair bit of movement as the 2-4ft swell glided in. I could see some definite potential for serious days out in this vicinity; once again I thanked the wind gods for finally giving me a break.
Of course they had the final laugh as I turned the corner into a stiff N headwind and a chaotic chop - of course it was my 3 o'clock (ish) appointment!
I sneaked into the tiny but pretty harbour at Mullion Cove where I joined the Boss in the little cafe for some welcome food.
Today the Boss has to head back home and so I am back on my lonesome once again, probably now until the end.
But before she went she once again came up trumps in alternative role as Accommodation Manager. Tonight I reside in a very spacious and tidy mobile home in a beautiful setting - as I write this I'm sat in the sun feeding a rather bold Blackbird.
I figured another night of luxury before I return to the tent wouldn't kill me. It was my birthday after all.

More details from Rowland Woollven after successfully completing his UK circumnav, originally started in 2008! Congratulations once again.
'Overall: 2118 nm over 224 exped days of which 81 were lost to weather, 7 to medical, 3 to a funeral and 3 deliberate days off (giving a total of 130 paddling days).'
I'll put further details on the Performance Sea Kayak site on my return.

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John Bunyan said...

Happy birthday John!

Andrew Willacy said...

Happy Birthday bro. Presents in the post, well sort of but we will sort that out when ur back. Good luck and keep paddling!!

Geoff said...

Whoops! 45,not 50. Sorry for aging you prematurely :-) Congrats on rounding the Lizard.

Celine and Yann said...

Happy birthday John ! And good luck !

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Cous!! ;) you're doing great. Love from Kirsty, Sonya, James and little Graci x