28 June 2012

Post trip review

The last few days I've been spending as much time as possible trying to avoid all the responsibilities and work that needs doing after the time away. I'm firmly back in the land of procrastination it seems!

Today we put a few more photos on line, which brings us up to the finish line at Cemlyn Bay.

I've also spent some time bringing the Performance Sea Kayak website back up to date. There were a few bits and pieces for the Gossip page but also some new entries on the Menai Challenge rankings, an Anglesey to Isle of Man crossing for Natalie & Michal Madera (which they completed as part of their UK Circumnav - Blog link), and an entry on the UK Circumnavigators page for Rowland Woollven who completed his epic attempt earlier this month. I suppose I should put my go on there at some stage too.

There is still plenty to do: I need to start sending 'thankyou's to various sponsors and others who gave me so much help, I need to put together a presentation of the trip (To take place at Summit to Sea - date to be confirmed), write-ups to for sponsors and magazines, a few thousand photos still need to be looked through and of course, the bath is still full of kit that needs tidying away!

In the next few days I aim to write posts on various aspects of the trip: The Ethics, The Boat & Paddles, The Body - what's left of it, The Sponsors and Kit, and a few other ideas. So watch this space, as they say!

In the meantime thankyou to everyone who offered help and support. Thankyou especially to all those who sent words of encouragement, they did make a real difference on those lonely and low days - cheers!

But for tonight we are taking it easy and going out for a little celebration I believe.

Oh well I suppose it can all wait just a little longer...


Bob Perry said...

You've still got at least one reader in the southern hemisphere. I'm off to Australia for the next 2weeks and looking forward to reading more when I get back. I read a couple of Paul Caffyn's books a few years ago about his paddling down here. You need to write a book !

Anonymous said...

Congratulations John. Amazing Effort. Hope you enjoyed the paddles From Len and Kate in NZ!