16 July 2012

Those Memorable Moments - 2

More memorable moments:

The North East coast - was warned that the N.E. coast was not the most pleasant, but found it refreshing and intriguing. Nice to see an environment that had been used for people's lives rather than turned into the Goretex Disneyland that had been seen elsewhere.

Visiting Fast Pat - a friendly face, a flying visit to the supermarket and a welcome brew.

Crossing the Tees - the biggest game of 'Frogger' going.

Boggle Hall - another 'game of chess' surf landing, wading along the cliffs to a friendly YHA. Beer, giant pizza and the Kaiser room - not a bad way to end a stressful day.

Flamborough Head - Big cliffs, big birds (Gannets) and big swell.

Withernsea - it's all been said before. A non-too pleasant stay capped off with the menacing campsite company and a tent move.

Donna Nook Range - more swell, this time with bombs.

Ingoldmells - a welcome visit from Micky C and Debs. Good friends who arrived when I need them most and once again pointed me in the right direction - along with home cooked food and beer. True friends.

The campsite - 'You will have to run the showers for a while to get hot water. Don't worry they're not broken, it's just, well, that no-one around here uses them you see.'

Gypsy Cove - beautiful setting, sunshine, inland seals and a pleasant chat with Patrick. Blissful end to the day.

Scolt Head Island - sneaking through the mist and the gulleys - a magical start to the day.

North Norfolk - a day of 100m visibility and a 'Chloe I need help' landing - still got the wrong side of the breakwater though.

Holland on Sea - first decent pie of the trip, disappointingly far south. Mary C in luxury accommodation.

Crossing the Thames - perfect weather, the only cag-free day of the whole escapade. The Sandbank Slalom complete with charts & buoys too - felt like a real sea kayaker! Nearly wiped out by a moronic powerboat crew.

Margate - expensive pizza, The Dog Poo Fairy and thoughts of Tracey Emin.

Dover - dodging ferries of course and cliffs that needed a coat of paint. Channel Tunnel route marked on my map - why?

Dungeness - fat girls and extra chips, the B&B lady who won the jackpot, watching foxes, vomitting in the grass and the loudest bang since the Big one.

Beachy Head - look left, look right, look the **** up - impressive, what 'the' white cliffs should have been.
Brighton - the nastiest washback ever, from the Marina wall - who designed that? Meeting Oliver and Chris at Rottingdean as I spent the afternoon on the beach with Victoria Beckham. Chris' comment later: 'A inspiration to both me and oliver.. it just helps know that it is never to late to do something you love'(sic) - never too late? Cheeky ****, must have looked rough that day I suppose.

Selsey Bill - gets a mention because it doesn't deserve one - was that it?

Portsmouth - boat on the sandbank, rip-off campsite, new radio delivered to the door along with a pleasant visit from Millie and Dean - Cheers Dean, return of the Boss, 'Mr.Goodmorning'  (what a ****), late night drunks and early morning music, 30 mosquito bites - itching like a good 'un.

More to come...

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